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We Service and Repair All Volkswagen Cars and Trucks.

2014 Volkswagen Passat


Volkswagen Passat

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Smog Inspection
Ananie N. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/21/2022
2014 Volkswagen Passat 2022-07-22T22:02:10+00:00

2016 Volkswagen CC


Volkswagen CC

Service Date
Services Performed
  • AIR BAG CLOCKSPRING – Removed & Replaced and programmed
  • Checked the air bag light scanned the module and found code 00588 driver side air bag igniter, 03551 function restriction of seat occupied recognition, checked the air bad system wiring shorts and open and no problem found. Checked the air bag clock spring and found the parts is bad. Checked the occupation sensor and found the sensor is fine at this time. Needs to replace steering column electronics module/clock spring and suggest to replace occupation sensor. Customer authorized to replace clock spring. Customer declined to replace occupation sensor
  • IGNITION COIL – Removed & Replaced number 2 cyl. In-Line4
  • Technician checked the engine light scanned the PCM and found code P0300, P0302, P130A, P0100,P219D. Checked engine and found there is engine misfires. Checked the spark plugs, ignition coils, checked the intake system and exhaust system, swap the spark plugs and coils and found ignition coils is bad for number 2 cylinder and number 3 cylinder coil is weak. Suggest to replace all four coils. Customer declined to replace all coils. Customer authorized to replaced number 2 cylinder coil.
Cynthia M. gave our service a 5 star review on 3/20/2021
2016 Volkswagen CC 2021-03-21T22:02:26+00:00

2009 Volkswagen Jetta


Volkswagen Jetta

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Lubricate and check chassis. Change oil and oil filter. Check air filter and breather filter. Check all fluid levels and tire pressures. Preform basic safety inspection. Road test vehicle.
Teresa S. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/27/2018
2009 Volkswagen Jetta 2018-07-31T22:01:03+00:00