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  • 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara

    Suzuki Grand Vitara
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Technician checked the AC system, checked system pressure and found static pressure 80 psi. Checked AC performance and found low pressure 30 psi, High pressure 140 psi, vent temperature 69 dig. at 72 dig ambient. Check visually leak and no found. Recovered, evacuated and recharged and noticed the system is takes 20 oz and recovered 5 oz. After AC system service high pressure 170 psi, low pressure 40 psi. Vent temperature 45 dig at ambient temp 82 dig. Added oil and dye in a system and called customer back after 2 weeks for leak test
    Carl S. gave our service a 5 star review on 5/17/2022
  • 2006 Suzuki Forenza

    Suzuki Forenza
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Technician checked the hater system and found the heater core is partially plugged. Needs heater core. Customer declined to replace hater core by the phone.
    • Technician checked the engine overheating, checked the cooling system fluid, fan operation, thermostat, radiator and noticed the cooling system is low and rusted. Topped off the cooling system test drove the car and noticed the engine misfires sometimes. Checked the spark plugs and noticed the plugs are carboned up. Suspect there is blown head gasket. Customer declined to fix the car at this time
    Glenda G. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/22/2021